SPECTACLES are scenical dispositives using the proscenium stage structure as a tool to examine processes of spectacularisation and mediation in both the analogue and the digital, the social and the political world. They can look like regular performances as we know them, but can also try to implement theatrical and spectacular events and happenings into the outside world of the blackbox theatre. SPECTACLES are engaged in history of theatre and theatre architecture, history of media- apparatues and techniques, history of attention and perception bound to any form of the theatrical spectacular be it in politics, new media, old media, or whatsoever to come….


Coming soon!  (DECEMBER 2018)














# 3 SMPYATHEIA (2018)


















# 2 F++++RLIVE TRY – OUT´S (2016|17)



















# 1 CLAP. ( 2015 | 2018)